Weekday Lineup

Tim Hart

Tim was born in Woodstock Illinois, where the movie Groundhog Day was filmed.

He started his career in Chicago in the 80s doing grunt work for The Loop WLUP,

and says it was a great place to learn radio.

Tim’s a big football and baseball fan. And, when he’s not on the radio, he’s cooking!

Tim loves to cook and made it to the second round of Master Chef

where he “got run off by an awesome lady and her awesome dish.”

Tim says, ‘I love radio and will hopefully always be here along with a possible retirement with a food truck!’


Maria Danza

Maria was born and raised on Long Island, New York, and then relocated to Dallas, where she graduated

from the University of North Texas with a BA in Radio, TV, and Film. 

Her love of music, and lack of ability to sing, dance or play instruments led her to radio,

where she’s been for almost 30 years! 

She loves spending time with family, and volunteering at the animal shelter

(she has two rescue dogs and one cat of her own). 

Maria loves collecting vintage Barbies from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Nostalgia is her thing!​



Whip’s first taste of radio was when he was 9, calling into Denver morning shows

and winning sports trivia contests. 

The DJs hated him, and he’s pretty sure he’s the reason stations started a “must be at least 12 to win” rule. 

He got his start at his college’s station. 

After flunking, er, dropping out, he found a DJ job in Santa Fe and has been chasing it ever since. 

Whip’s worked all over, including New York,

where he got into a well-publicized on-air spat with his co-worker, Howard Stern.

Guess who won that one?! 

Whip’s been married for many years and has two kids in college.

He’s a huge sports fan, especially baseball and football, and sings in a punk rock band.


Mike Walsh


Mike was born in Butte, Montana and is the son of a logger. He knew immediately that wasn’t for him.

Soon into a short, but honorable stint in the USAF, he also knew that wasn’t for him.

30 years into Radio, he’s hoping…!

 When he’s not on the air, you can find Mike on his Harley, at a charity ride, a rally, or a biker bar.

Mike, his beautiful wife Chris, and their rescue chiweenie (part chihuahua, part wiener dog)

Vivie hope you’ll listen (so he doesn’t have to spend his days trying not to die on a mountain again).



Will Upton

Maybe it was preordained for a guy with parents whose initials were FM and DJ. 

Will Upton thought radio was pretty cool when he was seven. 

By the time he was thirteen, he knew it was what he wanted to do for a career,

but he’d have to wait until he got to college. 

Decades later, Will has somehow managed to “work” his entire adult life goofing around on the radio,

staying as far away from a real job as possible.

A lover of traveling, baseball, and tacos, Will has a beautiful wife and a couple of excellent rescue dogs,

because beautiful wives and rescue dogs are the best.